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Black Car Accident Lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland

We are a premier Baltimore Black Car Accident Lawyer and Black Personal Injury Lawyer owned and operated firm. In every case we pledge to:

  • Work to establish our client's trust.

  • Recognize the importance of clear, consistent communication in order to foster an effective attorney-client relationship.

  • Bring a level of understanding that only comes from having “been there.”

  • Act as staunch advocates for our clients.

When an injury leaves you confused and overwhelmed, The Baltimore Accident Center will step in with skill and compassion to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Here are some of the additional steps that we will take on your behalf:


We conduct a thorough investigation of every accident in order to determine liability and preserve critical evidence such as witness statements, photographs and videos. We build a strong case from the very first day to improve our clients' negotiating position. We believe that the strongest cases are those that have been well prepared from the beginning.

Advocate for Your Future

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We have the knowledge and experience to deal successfully with insurance companies in order to get you the financial help you need. Once you have retained the firm we do all the talking for you. In fact, there's absolutely no reason for you to have any communications with an insurance adjuster. We will handle all communications -even coordinate the damage appraisal for your vehicle and the reimbursement for repairs. Your job is simply to get healthy. Let us handle the haggling.


If your car needs to be repaired we will make every effort to make the responsible party pay for a rental vehicle. We appreciate how disruptive car accidents can be. There is no reason to compound your inconvenience by a lack of mobility. Car accidents should not be the cause of missed work, school or medical appointments. Returning you to normalcy is our priority.


Our personal injury lawyers will support you during the process of obtaining proper medical care. We are compassionate practitioners and treat each client as an individual.


We have the knowledge and experience to deal successfully with insurance companies to get you the financial help you need. We will exert maximum pressure to obtain the best settlement possible. However, if negotiations don't work we will not hesitate to take a case to trial. Let us be your sword and shield.

If you've been injured, we strongly recommend you speak with our Black Car Accident Lawyers and Black Personal Injury Lawyers before you deal with an insurance company on your own. Call The Baltimore Accident Center now at: (443) 499-2919.