Disbandment Of Baltimore City Dirt Bike Taskforce And Its Impact On Dirt Bike Injuries

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Baltimore's dirt bike culture has been in existence for more than a generation now. During the summer its' common to see groups of bikers bobbing in and out of traffic popping wheelies and performing other stunts on city streets. Movies such as 12 O'clock Boys and Charm City Kings have recently brought national notoriety to the culture. But while the groups are a source of pride and comradery for its members, some city residents see them as little more than a dangerous nuisance.

To address growing public safety concerns Baltimore police launched a dirt bike task force in 2016. The mission of the group was to enforce the existing dirt bike laws and to investigate allegations that some dirt bike groups were linked to gun crimes. Current Baltimore City Dirt Bike Laws include the following:

  • No person may drive or ride any dirt bike or other unregistered motorcycle or similar vehicle on any public or private property that is located within the city of Baltimore;
  • No person may own or possess a dirt bike, an unregistered motorcycle or a similar vehicle in Baltimore, unless it is securely locked or immobilized;
  • Parents or guardians cannot allow a minor to operate a dirt bike or violate the law; and
  • No service station or any person may sell or dispense fuel into any dirt bike or unregistered motorcycle or similar vehicle.

Dirt Bike Injuries

Because dirt bikes are designed as off-road vehicles they do not meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. When driven on city streets, their unsafe speed, the unsuitable terrain and recklessness on the part of some of their riders has frequently resulted in accidents.

Though the majority of dirt bike accidents are minor, others result in skin abrasions, severe fractures and traumatic brain injury. This is often linked to hot-dogging on the part of some bikers who fail to follow the most basic safety procedures.

2021 Disbandment Of The Task Force

In May of 2021 the Baltimore City police announced that the Dirt Bike Task force had been dissolved. Though no specific reason for the disbandment was given, it is notable that police are prohibited from conducting vehicular chase of bikers.

How A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Dirt bike injuries can lead to complicated injuries that can even be life-threatening. The resulting extensive medical care can take a toll on you and your family. We have the experience, objectivity, and reputation that will help us establish a strong case. We are committed to taking care of you or your loved ones as we fight for your rights even as you recover. If you have been injured in a dirt biking accident call us for a free consultation.

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