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How to Find Your Car After an Accident

E. Gregory Watson, Esq. April 12, 2024

After a serious car accident, you may leave the hospital and wonder where your car is. Quit often, first responders will tow the vehicle to an impound lot until you are able to collect it. It can be incredibly stressful and confusing when your vehicle has been impounded by law enforcement. While calling the police department is often a helpful step, the team at Baltimore Accident Center has compiled a list of helpful information and contacts throughout the major counties of the greater Baltimore, MD area.



The Baltimore Department of Transportation has created a website that aims to make it easier for you to find vehicles that have been impounded. You can use this tool to search for your vehicle here, or call (410) 887-2222 for more information.

Main Facility: The Pulaski Facility

The Fallsway Facility

6700 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD 21237

410 Fallsway, Baltimore, MD 21202

Monday through Friday – 8:30pm to 5:00pm

Monday through Friday – 7:00am to 7:30pm

Saturday – 9:00am to 4:30pm

Closed Saturday

Closed Sundays and Holidays

Closed Sundays and Holidays

(410) 396-9958 or (410) 545-3417

(410) 396-4613


The Baltimore County Police Department works with the service AutoReturn to track and locate impounded vehicles throughout the greater Baltimore County area.

You can visit AutoReturn's site here to use their search tool and locate your vehicle.


Anne Arundel County Police Department partners with the service AutoReturn to track and locate vehicles that have been impounded by local law enforcement.

You can search AutoReturn's online database here, or contact their customer service team for more information by calling (301) 468-7342.

If you're wondering, “What are the towing fees for an impound in Anne Arundel County?” Look no further. The county keeps a schedule of the current rates for towing, storage, and more, which you can access by following this link.


If your vehicle has been impounded in Howard County, you'll need to contact the Howard County Police Department to find its location. You can reach their General Information team by dialing (410) 313-3200.


Owners of impounded vehicles in Prince Georges County can use the county's online Vehicle Tow Inquiry tool to search for their car's location. You can find the tool by clicking here.


Many of the tow yards across the U.S. require documentation to prove ownership of the vehicle you look to retrieve. It's crucial that you remember to bring these documents in order to avoid paying further storage fees.

The required documents typically include:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership: Current Registration Card or Vehicle Title.

  • Proof of identity: Valid Driver's License, State-Issued ID, or Passport.

If you only possess a temporary license and/or do not have a current Driver's License, State-Issued ID, or Passport, you'll have to provide two (2) forms of alternative identification.

The accepted alternative forms of ID can include:

  • Notarized Birth Certificate

  • Signed Social Security Card

  • Current School ID

  • Current Work ID


Discrepancies and errors in the impound process can happen. When they do, you may find that your vehicle has been damaged or towed without appropriate legal process.

Unlawfully towed vehicles may be the subject of a lawsuit. What's more, you may be able to sue a towing company for damages that they caused to your vehicle.

Whether you can't find your vehicle, you find that it has been damaged, or you believe that it was not legally towed in the first place – Baltimore Accident Center is here to help.


If you need a car accident lawyer for legal assistance after a wreck – please don't hesitate to call Baltimore Accident Center.

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