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What Are The Most Frequent Causes Of Bicycle Accidents In Maryland?

By law, Maryland drivers are required to exercise due care to avoid colliding with any bicycle. Moreover, Maryland motor vehicle drivers are not permitted to pass closer than three feet to bicycles. That being said, bicycle-automobile accidents do happen. Baltimore City is especially lacking a biking infrastructure and has few dedicated bike lanes when compared to other cities. This is especially problematic given the automobile congestion and the narrow streets here. Common causes of bicycle-motor vehicle accidents are aggressive or distracted driving on the part of motorists. Cyclists also contribute to accidents themselves when they fail to follow the rules of the road, such as: coming to a complete stop, signaling, staying close to the shoulder and using bike lanes where they exist.

What Types Of Injuries Do Bicycle Riders Generally Sustain From Accidents?

Typical injuries in biking accidents include arm and leg scrapes and contusions, lip lacerations, head injuries, lost teeth and rib fractures.

What Is My Bike Accident Personal Injury Case Worth?

The determination of your case's worth will involve a consideration of your pain and suffering as well as your economic damages from the accident. This analysis will examine your specific medical diagnoses, how painful those conditions are known to be, how long it takes you to recover and how they affected your life. Additionally, the value of your case will be impacted by the actual cost of your medical treatment. You will benefit yourself and your case by clearly and consistently articulating your pain to you r medical providers and by following the recommended course of medical treatment. Showing value and respect for yourself translates to case value. If you treat your own injuries seriously you will be more likely to be taken seriously by an insurance adjuster.

If I Was Not Wearing My Helmet And Was Involved In An Accident, Could That Hurt Any Possible Settlement In My Maryland Bike Accident Case?

Not wearing a helmet shouldn't affect your settlement. This is because in Maryland failure to wear protective headgear cannot be used to bar a claim with the argument that a rider was contributorily negligent, nor can it be used to diminish a recovery for damages. That being said, riders should always wear a helmet and the appropriate protective gear.

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